TaliPup Designs
They'll See & Feel the Difference

This graphical image of Tali was designed by my niece, Jessica.

I also consider Tali my "niece". Her Mom is Tammi, who has helped inspire me to create toys and accessories for Tali and her friends.


Combining my loves for dogs and crafting has culminated in this business! I grew up with a Golden Retriever; the love and connection between humans and pets is precious. And, I've been learning various crafts my whole life; there is always a project on the go.

Enrichment concepts speak to my other passion for Psychology (humans and animals). What dogs think, how they feel, and the power of their senses are truly interesting. It is well known that foraging is instinctive and uses significant physical energy, so games and activities that include scenting, such as with the Snuffle Mat or Snuffle Ball, are good for their physical and mental heath.

Fleece was chosen for these toys and accessories because it is soft, durable, colourful, easy to sew/serge, and doesn't fray. (Please don't iron any of these products!)


I've prototyped a 'snuffle blanket' with several places to hide treats. Let me know if you have other ideas that would work well with fleece.

I do hope you enjoy looking through the product and fabric ideas! Connect with me on the Contact page if you have any questions.