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They'll See & Feel the Difference



Did you know ... all colours are seen by dogs as light-to-medium blues & yellows, and grey?

TaliPup Designs caters to your dog’s dichromatic colour vision.

Our toys and accessories are designed to stimulate interest and encourage engagement.

  TaliPup Designs are hand-made from fleece, a durable, yet lightweight, soft and warm fabric produced from 100% polyester fibre. It is machine washable, dries quickly and won’t shrink or fray. Minky is a super soft and mink-like variety of fleece which we use in our largest blanket and have chosen those with a complementary pattern on each side.

Learn more about dog colour vision, canine enrichment, fleece and other inspirations here.

Fabrics may vary from photos depending on availability. If you have a strong preference, check out some current fabric options here, or consider shopping for the fabric to ensure you'll love it!




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